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Project description in English

What we do

Since 2018 a garden close to nature in raised beds is emerging in a renaturation area in Borna-Gnandorf south of the gymnasium. They are to serve as a district meeting place and to invite people to gardening, pottering around, trying things out, exploring nature, getting to know each other while having a chat with a coffee or tea.

We are gardening together, cook and process what we harvest and handcraft beautiful things for the garden and at home.

Growing fresh herbs and berries in raised beds to make the meals we enjoy together more colourful - how does that sound to you? We plant your favourite vegetables! We would like to gradually expand our permaculture garden "Zukunftsgarten" close to nature together, i.e. we would like to build further raised beds and create natural habitats with compost or dead hedges.

Gardening close to nature means working without peaty garden soil, artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

Anything we plant and harvest belongs to all participants who join our Zukunftsgarten project. We use the food we harvest to create a delicious meal that we enjoy together during a picnic in the garden. We organize a hands-on kitchen every last Tuesday of the month.

We started to design a part of our project area as a species-rich meadow for butterflies. For this purpose, the meadow is mowed twice a year only partially and not with the lawnmower, but with the scythe. We blog about our progress on the butterfly meadow and our observations of plants and insects on the website of the Saxony-wide project "Puppenstuben gesucht - Blühende Wiesen für Sachsens Schmetterlinge". You will find all information you need on

Taking part

Gardening, pottering around, designing, trying out - no matter whether out of curiosity or with your own ideas - everyone can get involved and is invited to join us. We would like to attract a group of active people who are keen to help turn an ordinary meadow into a lively, thriving district meeting place.

We will report about our activities and the efforts we make on the website, in the local media and on Facebook. If you prefer photography, filming, painting or writing, please feel free to come and support us!

Children are also invited to visit us as long as their parents are responsible for their supervision.

Please also read our house rules which you have read, understood and accepted by entering our project area.

You want to meet us? Just drop by!

Project funding

The Zukunftsgarten project in Gnandorf is a non-profit project (third round: 7/2022 to 6/2024) of the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU), Landesverband Sachsen e. V. and is supported by the European Social Fund (ESF Plus Program), the Free State of Saxony and the City of Borna.

The project is embedded in the field of activity "Citizens' Education and Lifelong Learning" and is part of the ESF Sustainable Urban Development Programme for the City of Borna.

The project aims to promote the participation of the inhabitants in the city life and the creation of participatory offers as well as a district meeting place on site on a renaturation area in Borna-Gnandorf.

For the project, Bornaer Wohnbau- und Siedlungsgesellschaft mbH provided us with a renaturation area of approx. 2,400 m² in space (formerly a block of flats).

Opening hours

From April to September

Tuesday & Thursday from 10 am to 6 pm

Wednesday from 2 pm to 6pm

From October to March

Tuesdays from 10 am to 4 pm

Thursday from 2 pm to 4 pm

In addition, we offer events on various Environmental & Nature Conservation issues. Your suggestions are welcome!

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